Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond

Associate Professor, Honours Project Coordinator

Director of Industrial Attachment

Academic and Professional Qualifications

PhD  in Sociology, University of Auckland
M.Phil in Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University
B.A. (First Class Honours) in Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University


SW 120 Principles of Sociology
SW 251-252 Social Work Research I & II
SW 350 Programme Evaluation
SW 441-2 Honours Project

Research Interest

Cyberpsychology, Caregiver, Youth Well-Being, Migration, Transnationalism, Globalization and Employment

Selected Publications
  • CHUI, Raymond C. F. and CHAN, Chi-Keung (2020). Positive thinking, school adjustment and psychological well-being among Chinese college students. The Open Psychology Journal, 13, 151-159
  • LAU, Chloe K. H., CHUI, Raymond C. F., LIN, Pearl M. C. & CHAN, Ray T. M. (2019). The value of P2PA to travelers: Evidence from the Hong Kong market. International Journal of Tourism Research, 21(6), 735-913. (SSCI, impact factor: 2.278) 
  • LAU, Chloe K. H., CHUI, Raymond C. F. & AU, Norman, (2019). Examination of the adoption of augmented reality: a VAM approach. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 24(10), 1005-1020. (SSCI, impact factor: 1.975) 
  • Yeung, C. T. Y. & Chui, Raymond C. F. (2018). A study on the impact of involvement in violent online game and self-control on Hong Kong Adults’ Psychological well-being. In Liping Deng, Will W. K. Ma and Check Wai Rose Fong (Eds), New Media for Educational Change (pp. 165-174), Singapore: Springer.
  • CHUI, Raymond C. F. (2018). The Role of Meaning in Life for the Quality of Life of Community-Dwelling Chinese Elders with Low Socio-Economic Status. In Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, 4, 1-8.
  • CHUI, Raymond C.F. (2018). The influence of Meaning in Life on the Quality of Life of Community-Dwelling Hong Kong Chinese Elders. In Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences, 51, 67-86.
  • Lau, Chloe, Milne, Simon, & Chui, Raymond C. F. (2017). Redefining stakeholder relationship in mega events: New Zealand Chinese and the Rugby World Cup. Journal of Convention & Event Tourism, 18(2): 75-99.  
  • Chui, Raymond C. F., & Chan, Chi-Keung. (2017). School adjustment, social support and mental health of cross-border Chinese college students in Hong Kong. Journal of College Student Development, 58(1): 88-100.
  • Chui, Raymond C. F. & Ng, Tabitha Y. L. (2015). Relationship between differentiation of self, anxiety, depression and emotional intelligence – a pilot study of the Hong Kong Chinese society. Hong Kong Journal of Social Work, 49(1&2): 65-79.
  • 張少強、崔志暉 (2015):《香港後工業年代的生活故事》 香港: 三聯書店。
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  • Chui, Raymond C. F. (2011). Transnationalism of Chinese Migrants in New Zealand. In Social Transformations in Chinese Societies, 6(2), 159-196.
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