PPE Social Service Sharing Sessions for 2160 (Oct 15, 2022)


We invited five social workers who have been worked or are working in Family Service, Ex-offender and Drug service, Mental Health Service, Elderly Service as well as in Youth & School Social Work to share their front-line experiences and observations for fieldwork practicum preparation for our 2160 cohort, on Saturday night, Oct 15, 2022.

The purpose of these sharing sessions is to provide students the opportunity to know more about the needs of different target groups and the key components of good practice of each sub-field. 

Mr Matthew Chan (first from the left), an experienced family and youth worker, tells our students his interesting stories around the concept of “youth engagement” in Children and Youth Centre. 


Ms Cecilia Kwok (centre, on the left-hand side of the screen) explains to our year 2 students the addiction treatment services in Hong Kong and the social aspect of drug abuse.