PPE Expressive Arts Experiential Workshops for 2160 (Oct 29, 2022)


Expressive Arts is the use of art creation process to achieve personal growth. The art making process could help participants to explore and understand more about themselves. 

Our PPE workshops held on Oct 29, 2022 introduced the use of 4 different art forms (Nagomi Art, Circle Painting, Zentangle, and Clay x Horticultural Therapy) in expressive arts therapy to our year 2 students. Through the design of “learning by doing”, students have acquired the basic knowledge and skills to conduct an art making session.  As a common theme expressed in students’ reflection, “We are grateful to our teachers for arranging a fun and meaningful workshop for us, and we look forward to have more such kind of workshops !”

Our trainer starts the workshop with the art medium of music and mediation to help students to relax.

Some of our students learn to create a variety of patterns that they can use in future Zentangle workshops with service users.

The trainer stresses that circle painting is not about drawing an excellent artwork. It is about a collaborative experience!

Our students learn to connect with others and help each other build self-confidence through Circle Painting.  

In a fast-paced world, clay cross-over with horticulture is a new intervention tool in the counselling field of expressive art therapy. Our students learn to express their feeling and mood through a developmental sequence of using the art materials.

The trainer help our students to explore the possible benefits and adaptations for using the art materials for personal growth.