PPE Adventure-based Training Advanced Level Workshop for 2160 (Nov 5, 2022)


A full day workshop in Adventure-based Training (Advanced Level) aiming to enable our year 2 students to acquire the knowledge and skills of setting up, briefing and leading group activities as a professional social worker was held on November 5, 2022. 

The morning sessions were largely composed of group games, trust activities and team building exercises which facilitate positive change of participants. The practice concept of choice, engagement, and assessment are present throughout all of the activities as the core learning components. For this design, it comes as no surprise our students expressed in their reflections that they had found this workshop a “useful skills laboratory”.

In the afternoon sessions, the trainer also facilitated our students to explore the possibilities of integrating ABC with family counselling. A series of ABC activities integrated with drawing genogram and communication game and role play were used to increase students’ understanding of family dynamics and interpersonal conflicts. This was indeed “an eye-opening and wonderful experience” for most of our students, as they told the instructors in the debriefing time. 

The trainer demonstrates the techniques which facilitate enjoyable participation and the trick of “getting back” materials.

An awareness of personal safety and positive group dynamics is a key component of group work design.

ABC’s mindful body scan – Do you know how to make it as a learning tool?

An adventure activity is intended to develop participants’ self-awareness of personal and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. 

A role play session based on students’ genogram and family communication games.