2160 PPE Cultural Exchange Night

Cultural exchange is about mutually sharing dissimilar values, knowledge and skills with someone who comes from a different cultural tradition than our own. The SYU 2160 PPE students have gained a deeper understanding about the South Asian ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, their customs and their day-to-day practices through the break-out room zoom meetings with some young cultural ambassadors for their EM groups, such as Filipinos, Indians, Nepalese, and Pakistanis. 

The EM youngsters, coming from the BGCA CLAP service team, played an active role in this PPE event to facilitate cultural exchange. Grasping this learning opportunity, our social work students start to develop cross-cultural empathy and CQ (cultural intelligence). More importantly, this event helps them to think seriously, “How to make Hong Kong more inclusive?” It is a social issue which all our social work students must explore and act upon, personally and professionally, from now on. 

The screen-capture photos of our Cultural Exchange Night zoom meeting