TIPS: Technology in Practice and Service for Social Work (社會工作實務與科技應用)

The 2022 Departmental Webinar titled TIPS: Technology In Practice and Service for Social Work held on June 2 this summer was the latest milestone in a series of conferences we did. The theme of this year’s conference was “the practice implication of information technology on the near future for our social workers”.  

A total of over 200 people enrolled in the Conference. The welcoming speech of the opening session was addressed by Prof. Catherine Tien-Lun Sun, Senior Vice President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. 

Prof. Rong-Fuh Day, Chairperson and Professor of the Department of Information Management of Chi Nan University, on behalf of his research colleagues Prof. Shu-Yun Wu, Dr. Ping-Hsien Lin and Mr. Tai-Lung Tseng from Taiwan, then delivered the first keynote speech on the topic of “Development an information System for the Nutritious Meals Delivery to the Elderly”. They gave us a brief overview of a current IT innovation that has effectively improved the service delivery of a Taiwan NGO for some designated old adults, especially those who are living alone.  

The second session was structured as three parallel breakout groups. We invited 11 guest speakers to share their expertise and practice experiences in using their IT knowledge to serve their service users, which include the youngsters, the elderlies, and the people involved in rehabilitation. As an interdisciplinary collaboration experience in creating a sharing time, the speaker team consisted of social workers, occupational therapists, and professional designers/ animators from 9 non-governmental organizations.  

After the breakout sessions, Dr. Steven Baker, Lecturer of School of SHS – Human Services and Social work from Griffith University, Australia gave a keynote speech on the topic of “The Technology Explorers: Connecting Older Adults in Social Virtual Reality”. Dr. Baker’s presentation looked at the latest development of VR (Virtual Reality) technology and demonstrated to us how it could benefit for the introverted, emotional, and traumatized older adults living in Australia and the role it plays in reducing their social isolation.  

The last round-table discussion session was chaired by Dr. Steve Fu-Fai Fong, Head of the Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Other panelists included the guest speakers of the 3 parallel breakout groups and some of the staff members of the Department of Social Work, SYU. The panelists were invited to discuss and reflect on different aspects of their practical knowledge and wisdom regarding the challenges we are facing.   

The full content of the welcoming speech, the 2 keynote speeches, as well as the three parallel breakout sessions of interdisciplinary collaboration have been uploaded to the webpage. Please visit the links.

Here are the links of the Webinar’s videos:

By Prof. Catherine Tien-Lun Sun, Senior Vice President, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

- Dr. Steve Fu-Fai Fong, Head of Department, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Shue Yan University


Keynote Speech 1:
Topic: Develop an Information System for The Nutritious Meals Delivery to The Elderly
- Prof. Rong-Fuh Day, Chairperson and Professor, Department of Information Management, Chi Nan University 
- Prof. Shu-Yun Wu, Professor, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Chi Nam University 
- Dr. Ping-Hsien Lin, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Sociology and Social Work, Chung Shan Medical University 
- Mr. Tai-Lung Tseng, Senior Specialist, Information Technology Department, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families


Keynote Speech 2:
Topic: The Technology Explorers: Connecting Older Adults in Social Virtual Reality 
- Dr. Steven Baker, Lecturer, School of SHS- Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University


Interdisciplinary Collaboration Breakout Sessions: 

Youth Services Session: 
Asset Building for HK Creative Industries to Support Upward Mobility for Disadvantaged Youth 
- Mr. Sunny Tang, General Secretary, Act Plus Education Foundation 

Practice Sharing on the Esports Program x Career and Life Development Intervention 
- Mr. Ng Kai Chit (RSW), Mr. Fung Kam Fai (RSW), Hong Kong Children and Youth Services 

The World Between Us 
- Mr. Kwok Tsz Shun, Christopher, Social Worker, 6PM Cyber Youth Supports Team, St. James Settlement


Rehabilitation Services Session: 
It Is Possible! Removing Barriers by Uses of Technology 
- Mr. Travis Chow, Operation Director, Direction Association for the Handicapped 

Application of IT for Rehabilitation Service for Intellectual Disability under Pandemic Situation 
- Ms. Fiona Chan, Senior Occupational Therapist, Fu Hong Society 

Using Virtual Reality in Vocational Training for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
- Mr. Tim Wong, Social Work Supervisor(AD Services), New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Elderly Services Session: 
Use of Technology - A Niche of Social Service Innovation 
- Ms. CHAN Kit Wah, Eva, Service Director, Sai Kung District Community Centre Limited 

ARIA Test in Social Service and Social Enterprise 
- Mr. Tang Kwok Hei, Hezon, Service Director, Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service 

How Gerontechnology Relieves Care Burden and Facilitates Aging in Place 
Jockey Club Age at Home 
- Mr. Martin Lai, Occupational Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Hong Kong Red Cross 
- Ms. Helena Ho, Project Manager, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong