2160 PPE Agency Visit II: Elderly-NEC

This Tuesday morning, 12 July 2022, over thirty Year 1 students visited Kowloon City Baptist Church Neighbourhood Elderly Centre.  At the beginning of this visit, Ms. CHAN, centre-in-charge, and her colleague Mr. LAM gave a detail introduction of elderly service. In the middle part, all students participated in a variety of meaningful activities. For example, some taught older adults how to use electronic mobile phones & apps. Some provided help in lunch-box delivery, and another group of students chatted with elders at the outdoor park nearby. At the end of the visit, all students spent time to do reflection on their learning in subgroups at the spot. Many thanks to those final year students for leading the debriefings. 

One-on-One teaching seniors how to use electronic mobile phones & apps.

Preparation of meal-delivery service.

Chit-chatting with elders at outdoor park.

Insight of this morning: A final year student leader leads the debriefing in a subgroup.

All participants enjoy the interactive visit very much.