2260 PPE Service Learning: University Experiential Day for Healthy Seniors (June 16, 2023)


More than twenty Year 1 students have organized an University Experiential Day for 17 healthy seniors from St. James Settlement Wan Chai District Elderly Centre during 16/6/2023 (Friday). This event aims at promotion inter-generational interactions. All of them enjoyed the memorable occasions even under rainy weather conditions. 

During the one-day tour, the members have become university students, including acquired the experience of giving self-introduction in formal lecture theatre, having lunch in canteen, visiting to Moot Court, photo-taking by wearing graduation gowns, as well as taking photos with our iconic figure ‘Peng Bird’ and different scenic points inside the campus. Besides, our students have newly attempted to design VR activities to let the elderly members taste new technology. Also, the elders have finished the challenging task in Library Complex for searching reference books. The event has been ended happily by souvenir delivery of library post cards and OSA mini-fans. 

By and large, throughout the last two months, our fresh students have acquired an insightful learning pathway. They have brought new trend technology to elders and have gone through inter-departmental collaborations with Department of Law & Business, Office of Student Affairs, Campus Library and Canteen so far and so on. Most importantly, their understanding on their clienteles have been enhanced.