2260 Cohort SW180 PPE- Service Learning

Pre-placement Exposure (PPE) is a non-credit bearing course which is also a pre-requisite for fieldwork practicum courses as required by Social Workers Registration Board. Started from AY2022-23, we have newly revamped the project-based approach of Service Learning, that is an experiential learning methodology. It enables our social work Year 1 students to develop themselves through committing on different community service projects with a total of 30 hours by collaboration with multiple NGOs.

2260 Cohort SW180 PPE: Service Learning

During AY2022-23, we have cooperated with SEVEN NGOs and our Year 1 students got valuable learning chances by serving a variety of service targets, including youth, children with special educational needs, ethic minority children, parents’ work, intellectual disabled people, elderlies who are living in the community and substance users. You are welcome to visit the below slide show for more information.