2360 PPE: Team Building Day (October 14, 2023)

Finding ways to encourage students to strengthen their bonds with each other towards a common learning goal is important. This academic year of 2023-24, the PPE teachers hosted a whole day team building program for the social work freshman. They aim to inspire students’ teamwork spirit through communication, cooperation, as well as problem-solving challenges.

The team building day came ahead of SYU reading week on Oct 14 (Saturday), in which about 140 Year 1 students participated in a range of fun games and indoor adventure-based activities. The program design focused on enhancing social interaction and placed emphasis on cultivating reflection. Between activities a team of professional facilitators helped each small group members assess their performance, process, and lead discussions regarding their learning expectations, action plans, decision making, shared risk taking, tenacity, creativity, and leadership.

This adventure-based team building day gave an opportunity to all students to work closely with their classmates to approach physical and emotional challenges in a safe and secure setting to experiment with different ways to support and lead a group. It has been a memorable event of year 1 students’ self-discovery in their PPE journey.