Fieldwork Education Activities (1): A Hong Kong Social Worker in Singapore (Oct. 23, 2017)

Fieldwork Education Activities (1): A Hong Kong Social Worker in Singapore

We are delighted to have Mr. Anson Kwong and Mr. Dickens Cheng to share their unique working experience in Singapore on 23rd October,
2017. Both Anson and Dickens are Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong for few years. In sight of widening the scope of career life,
they decided to apply for the post of Medical Social Worker in Singapore subsidized hospital last year and liked they said, they were lucky
to be employed. Thus, two Hong Kong social workers started their professional work life in a strange environment with speedy pace of
job requirement. All students are attentive and full of curious to raise a wide range of questions, such as the adaptation in living,
remuneration and fringe benefits, co-operation with different professions etc.

Reflection Note from Student: 156028

The working experience and observation in Singapore’s medical social services shared by the guest speakers really impressed me a lot.
It seems that the development of social welfare in Singapore is well-organized and well-planned. To a high degree, medical
social workers in Singapore can fulfill the service needs by executing the mechanism and policies of the government. This may be a good
example for us to review the existing condition of social welfare in Hong Kong.

Reflection Note from Student: 176022

This is a valuable experience as we can know the difference of social welfare system between Hong Kong and Singapore. It is also
interesting to understand how a Hong Kong social worker lives and works in Singapore. I hope that I can have a chance to work as a
Singaporean social worker in the future.