Fieldwork Education Activities (6): Sharing on Planning Services for Children with Special Educational Needs (Mar. 5, 2018)

As the service demand to children with special educational needs is getting more and more and the SEN support policy has also been
arousing public concern in the past few years. For better learning, we are glad to invite Ms. Christina Poon, Project-in-charge of YWCA
Jockey Club Family Wellness Centre, to share her clinical working experiences in providing service for SEN children. Ms. Poon adopted
an experiential game model to deepen our students’ comprehension on the difficulties suffering from SEN children. She prepared a lot
of useful and inspiring pops which not only demonstrated the creativity in planning service, but also showed the devotion and great
effort while doing this kind of hard work. Students are eager to raise question and to receive feedback and advice from the guest
speaker. What a fruitful night we all had!