Initial exploration for overseas placement arrangement in Taiwan

In order to widen student’s exposure towards the international social welfare development and systems as well as to advance their
professional experience, our department is going to provide overseas fieldwork practicum to year. 3 students as  an additional preference
to the 2nd Placement (Summer Block), initially starting from June, 2020.

Dr. Margaret Wong, Head of the department and Ms. Cherry Lau, Lecturer cum Fieldwork Coordinator had visited Department of Social
Work in National Taiwan University and some social welfare organizations in Taipei to explore the collaborative opportunities so as to
render summer block placements to our students. Honourably, one of the leading social welfare organizations, Taiwan Fund for Children
and Family agreed to offer placements to our students.

Meeting staff in Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Taipei Parent Child Centre Introduction


Visit to NTU Children and Family Research Centre

Visit to Taipei Parend Child Centre