Dr. Steve FONG Fu-fai 方富輝博士

Head of Department and Associate Professor of Practice
Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • Doctor of Social Work (HKPU)
  • Master of Social Sciences (Mental Health) (HKU)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (HKU)
  • Registered Social Worker, Social Workers Registration Board
  • Mentalization Based Treatment (Practitioner & Advanced Level) 
  • Qualified Assessor of LS/CMI, MHS Multi-Health System
  • DBT Accreditation Leve 2, The Association for Psychological Therapies, UK

Areas of Interest
  • Social Service Management, Mental Health Practice, Violence and Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Rehabilitation Service, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Innovative Practice, Sustainable Development
Courses Taught
  • SW 100 Introduction to Philosophy of Social Welfare and Social Work
  • SW 480 Social Service Management
Research Grants
  • 2023: Co-PI: Mapping the grey digital divide and diversity in older ICT users post-COVID: A mixed-method research informing service and policy development (RGC, $4,388,777) (Project Period 2023-2025)
  • 2023: Co-I: Quality transition strategies facilitating the transition from teenage to adulthood for persons with intellectual disabilities and their family carers (RGC, $635,387) (2023-2025)
  • 2022: Co-PI: Evaluation and Research for Lifestyle Reactivation Project: Jockey Club Smart Homecare (Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service - Hong Kong, $472,500) (2022-2024)
  • 2022: PI: Research Study on the Effectiveness of the Sheltered Workshop Extended Care Pilot Project (Fu Hong Society, $296,100) (2022-2025)
  • 2022: PI: Study on the Ageing of Persons in Recovery (Richmond Fellowship of Macau, $52,500) (Project Period: 2022)
  • 2021: Project coordinator/ Co-PI: Jockey Club Smart Navigation Portal for Carers of Elderly. (The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HK$3,730,000) (Project Period: 2022-2025)
  • 2021: Co-PI: Supporting Informal Caregivers-Pioneering, Validating, Implementing and Evaluating a Chinese Caregiving Planning Model in Hong Kong (ITBG, $4,539,496) (Project Period: 2021-2024)
  • 2021: Co-PI: Preparing for the launching of Esports: An interdisciplinary and holistic perspective in prevention of teenage gaming addiction problem based on Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological model in the era of Esports (RGC, $4,260,824) (Project Period: 2021-2024)
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Conferences Attended and Papers Delivered
  1. Fong, F. F., Kwok, C. Y., & Leung, T. K. (June 2019). Social Work: A Helping Profession as an Emotional Labor, a Neglected Concept. Workshop held at The International Conference on Change and Innovation for a Better World: The Future of Social Work Profession, June 27-28, Hong Kong.
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  7. Fong, F. F. (November 2013). Violence and mental illness: a review of local literature. Paper presented at 2013 Asian Mental Health Conference, November 22, Hong Kong.
  • 2021: Winner of Classified Post HR Appreciation Awards (Training & Development), Classified Post (MSDP project of Fu Hong Society) 
  • 2020: Merit Prize in HKIHRM HR Excellence Awards, HKIHRM (MSDP Project of Fu Hong Society)
  • External Examiner of Higher Diploma in Social Work, Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) (2022-present)
  • Member of Advisory Committee on Social Work Training and Manpower Planning (ACSWTMP), Social Welfare Department (2022-present)
  • Exco-member of Hong Kong Association of Schools of Social Work (2022-present)
  • Co-opted Member of Committee on Qualification Recognition, Social Workers Registration Board (2022-present)
  • Council Member of the Consortium of Institutes of Family in the Asian Region (CIFA) (2021-Present)
  • Reviewer of International Social Work (2021-present)
  • Assessment Panel Member of Social Workers Registration Board (2021-2022)
  • Convenor of Promotion Working Group, Mental Health Month 2021, Labor and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR (2021-2022)
  • Convenor of District Working Group, Mental Health Month 2020, Labor and Welfare Bureau, HKSAR (2020-2021)
  • Social Work Member of Mental Health Review Tribunal, Food and Health Bureau, HKSAR (2019-present)
  • Life Member of Hong Kong Social Workers Association/ Committee Member of Current Welfare Issues Committee (2021-present)
  • External Advisor of Higher Diploma in Social Work (FT & PT), Hong Kong College of Technology (2018-present)
  • Honorary Consultant of Richmond Fellowship of Macau (2016-present)
  • Convenor of Shatin District Social Inclusive Carnival, Social Welfare Department (2013-2016)