Dr. Josephine FUNG Wing-fun 馮頴芬博士

Senior Lecturer
Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • Doctor of Social Work, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Master of Social Sciences (Mental Health), The University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Social Work, The University of Hong Kong
  • DBT Accreditation Level 2, The Association for Psychological Therapies, Leicestershire Certified User of the LS/CMI, Multi-Health Systems, Inc.
  • Registered Social Worker, Social Workers Registration Board
Areas of Interest
  • Mental Health & Mental Health Recovery, Trauma, Families of Ex-offenders, People with Disability
Courses Taught
  • SW 390 Social Work Practice for Children with Special Educational Needs and Their Families
  • SW 430 Working with People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • SW 470 Social Work Practices in Mental Health
  1. FUNG, W.F.J. (2017). An Exploratory Study on the Traumatic Experience of Chinse People with Schizophrenia in Hong Kong. (Unpublished DSW Thesis). Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  2. 馮頴芬、弘趣盈、陳嘉琪、繆咏荷、李健英、吳穎寳(編)(2014)。《穿出新天地三週年特刊》。香港:香港善導會龍澄坊。
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  1. 65th Anniversary Symposium on Mental Health – Restoring Shattered Minds, The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, 10-11 December 2019. Exploratory Study on the Traumatic Experience of People with Schizophrenia (Co-author Poster Presentation)
Research Grants
  1. Co-I : Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation , $920,413 - An Evidence-based Study: Child-focused In-law Relationship Enhancement in Multi-generational Families. 2019-2022
Services to Professional and Academic Community
  1. Clinical Supervisor, Day Activity Centre of Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital (廣州市民政局精神病院 (2016-2018)
  2. Trainer, Guangzhou Kangning Farm (廣州市康寧農場) (2016)
  3. Reviewer, Hong Kong Journal of Social Work